If applicable, please list medications with instructions and start date.
Does the patient need to be seen by a doctor? If so, please explain.
I understand that if vaccines are not current, they must be administered upon entry to our facility.
For dogs, the bordetella vaccine can protect against the most common causes of kennel cough. If my dog’s bordetella vaccine has not been given at least 2 weeks prior to boarding today, there may be a risk of contracting kennel cough. I understand that I will be financially responsible for the cost of treating patient if this occurs.
All dogs will receive a complimentary bath before going home if they stay overnight. Full grooming services are available for an additional cost pending availability. Would you like for your pet to be groomed while boarding with us?
Does your dog or cat get stressed while boarding? We are offering a thunder shirt for your dog or feliway wipes for your cat.
I give Hillcrest Animal Hospital permission to allow my pet off leash in our outdoor fenced enclosure with supervision for play time/potty relief.
I release Hillcrest Animal Hospital, employees, and associates from any liability of loss or injury.
If any medical issues should arise, I hereby give the Doctors employed by Hillcrest Animal Hospital permission to examine my pet. If we are UNABLE to reach you, and your pet is URGENTLY sick, what is the maximum budget amount to treat your pet?