Pet Cancer Awareness. Protect. Cure. Love.

Mar 01, 2017
 Although it is a sad topic to discuss, cancers are unfortunately something we diagnose regularly in veterinary medicine. There are many diagnostic tests that can help us to better understand what is going on with your pets, but it can be...
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Puppy Training

Jan 23, 2017
As veterinarians, some of the best moments are when we can help you welcome a new snuggly ball of fuzzy puppy love into your family.  Puppies are hard work and there are a lot of things to consider early on which will make an impact on the...
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Holiday Hazards For Your Pet

Dec 16, 2016
It is that magical time of year again and we are all trying our best to get ready for the holiday season. Often, we get so caught up in it that sometimes we can forget or overlook holiday hazards regarding our pets. Here are a few things...
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Click It or Ticket?

Nov 14, 2016
Planning to bring the dog along in the car as you head out for your holiday road trip? Be sure to consider your pet’s car safety before pulling out of the driveway. Just as you should always wear your seatbelt to protect you in case of a...
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