Foods to be Aware of this Holiday Season

Nov 24, 2020
It is that time of year when the leaves are changing and the air is becoming crisp. Everything is smelling like pumkin and spice. This is personally my favortie time of the year. This also means that the hoilday season is here....
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Pet Obesity

Nov 03, 2020
One of the most common issues we see in our pets is sometimes a tough topic to discuss. Obesity affects up to 45% of our canine patients and can have a significant effect on lifespan, joint health, risks under anesthesia, and can...
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Recognizing Signs of Pain

Aug 31, 2020
Some signs are more clear than others that our pets are in pain. Crying out, whimpering, flinching, and guarding areas of their body are generally well-recognized as signs of pain or discomfort. However, in their instinctive efforts to...
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Vitals: Temperature, Pulse, Respiration (TPR)

Jul 20, 2020
Vital signs are measurements of the body's most basic functions. The main vital signs routinely monitored by veterinarians are body temperature, pulse rate and respiratory rate. Vital signs are useful in detecting or monitoring medical...
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