The Water Snob

Nov 26, 2015

Jerry, my orange tabby cat is a water snob. Every night he strolls into the bathroom deciding if his water dish is worthy of drinking. Most of the time my daily water offering is not up to his standards. With a single meow, he commands me to replace his water bowl with fresh from the tap, to the top of the bowl. I grant his wish with love.

This event really drives home the importance of water consumption for the mature, greater than seven-year-old cat. Unfortunately, kidney failure is extremely common amongst the aging feline population. One of the most important things than can be done to help support the kidney is increasing water consumption.

So how do we encourage our senior cats to drink water? As with Jerry, cats can be finicky. An active water fountain for cats is useful, the stainless steel version is preferred. Switching over to a wet food preparation is another means to sneak in some moisture. Canned cat food has a moisture content of at least 75 percent, making it a good dietary source of water.

Monitoring kidney values, urine and blood pressure annually is of utmost importance when cats reach maturity. Catching changes in the kidneys early can truly help extend longevity and quality of life for our cats.

Dr. Michelle Mayers