Pets Are Not Small People

Jul 18, 2016
As pet owners, we tend to give our canine and feline companions human traits and qualities. It makes us feel connected and closer to them.  I’m just as guilty. How can I resist dressing up Wilson, our lab-mix, in a party hat on his...
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Is Grain Free the Way to Be?

Jun 21, 2016
Over the past few years I have had an increasing number of clients tell me that their pet is on a grain free diet. This became such a recurring topic of discussion that I started to ask myself where this trend came from.  In veterinary...
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Summer Safety Checklist for Every Dog Type

May 17, 2016
The sun is shining, farmer’s markets are open and school is coming to a close. Summer is here and while everyone has their own favorite summertime activities, we all share one thing in common – we want to share the summer fun with our...
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Second Class Cats

Apr 27, 2016
In 2012, there were nearly 74 million cats and 70 million owned dogs in American households; however, there is a stark difference in the care they receive.  Nearly 90% of dogs went to the vet at least once, whereas only 55% of cats were...
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