Pet Health Insurance

Dec 27, 2017

Pet insurance has been around for many years but has become much more common in the past few years so that pet owners may be more prepared for unexpected circumstances or do more than they otherwise would be able to do without insurance.

Pet insurance can give you medical freedom. You may not be able to afford $10K for chemotherapy if your pet gets cancer, but you may be able to afford it if the insurance company were to pay 90%! A lot of people write off pet insurance when their pet is healthy, but then I often get the questions “would insurance cover this?” when a pet is sick.

While most of us have personal experience with insurance, there are some notable differences between human and pet insurance that are important to note. Most pet insurance don’t pay the hospital directly- often the client is responsible for the charges when the pet is discharged and then the client is reimbursed later after the chart has been reviewed by the insurance company. Pre-existing conditions are almost always not covered. For this reason, the sooner you decide that pet insurance may be for you, the sooner you should enroll your healthy pet because the less preexisting conditions your pet likely has. There are no limitations to which veterinarians you can use and it often includes specialists! However, there are some pet insurance plans that don’t cover certain breeds for certain diseases so you want to make sure you investigate the plan thoroughly before you decide.

Pet policies vary widely between providers. Some providers have many different plans to choose from including wellness and dental cleanings, etc., while some only cover catastrophic events. The greatest expense you have with your pets is often when they are sick or acquire a disease that needs expensive or long term treatment or surgery. Policies often vary widely depending on certain factors: geographical location, age of pet, type of coverage, and deductible. Most are fairly flexible in that you are often able to choose your deductible which then can influence your monthly premium but be aware that premiums will increase over time as your pet ages (when they are more likely to become ill).

If you have general questions about pet health insurance, make sure to ask at your next appointment as we can often offer a free trial to help get you started!

Dr. Stacy Logsdon