The Laser Force Awakens

Jan 18, 2016

Being newlyweds, my husband and I are often questioned on if and when we might have kids. I like to tell them we already have 2 very hairy, four-legged kids with tails named Daisy and Remmington. That’s because in our household, the dogs are more than just “dogs”, they’re family. And at Hillcrest Animal Hospital we know you feel the same way about your pets. That’s why we are working hard to take an integrative approach to how we treat your pets.

What does this mean, exactly? By definition, integrative medicine uses a variety of approaches to achieve optimal health and healing. These days we are well aware of the benefits to our “human” health by combining things like nutrition, exercise, traditional western medications, chiropractic and massage therapy, and alternative therapies such as essential oils and acupuncture to feel our best. What’s exciting is we are learning that many of these therapies can be helpful for our four legged family members as well! In my own dogs, I use a combination of nutrition, traditional medications, supplements, and flower essences to name a few things to keep them feeling their best. One of my favorite therapies, though, is using a non-invasive laser.

Here at Hillcrest Animal Hospital, we are lucky to have our own non-invasive laser called a Class IV Laser. A Class IV laser is a specific, FDA approved laser that has been proven to be beneficial in treating painful and inflammatory conditions. It works by transmitting energy from the laser into the inflamed tissue, where that energy can help the cells heal faster. We love using our laser to manage arthritis, back pain, bad skin and ear infections, and even post-operatively to speed recovery as just a few examples. And you’ll be relieved to know that there are no known side effects, treatments are quick, and most animals feel very relaxed or even sleep through their treatments – just ask Daisy!!

After all, if it wasn’t something I would do for my own four-legged kid, I wouldn’t recommend it for yours. We would be happy to answer any other questions you have about laser therapy. You can also find some good information here:

Dr. Vessalo