Keep That Pearly Smile

Feb 27, 2019

     Dental month is almost over. Now that your fur baby’s breath smells wonderful and their teeth are a nice pearly white, it is the utmost importance to continue dental care at home. I am going to give you some helpful ideas that you can do at home between dental cleanings.

• Brushing teeth:
     Just imagine how your teeth would be if you did not brush your teeth daily. Just picture of all the plaque and tartar that would build up on your teeth and how bad your breath would smell. Well the exact same thing happens to your pets. All you would need is a veterinary approved toothbrush and toothpaste. It is important never to use human toothpaste and never use the toothbrush without toothpaste. When brushing your pet’s teeth do not brush vigorously. You want to be as gentle as possible. You do not want to brush your pet’s teeth if they are already diseased. This is meant for at home care after a dental has been performed on your pet.

• Dental wipes, rinses, powder and pads:
     I know that not every pet will tolerate brushing their teeth. You want to try to make this as pleasant experience as possible for your pet.  Using dental wipes and pads would be an alternative method. This would be done daily just to wipe the surface of the tooth. There are also dental rinses and powders that can be used as well if the wipes or pads are not tolerated.

• Dental treats and food:
     There is a website named Veterinary Oral Health Council ( This website was created by veterinarians.   They evaluate the dental products to see if they do what they claim to do.  It has a list of food and treats that they have approved.

     It is very important to maintain dental care at home. Hillcrest Animal hospital carries a lot of products that can be used at home. If you have any questions, please give us a call.

Dr. Ashlie Hill