Does Your Cat Need Wellness Exams?

May 20, 2019

As a veterinarian I see an apparent divide in the amount of care that dogs vs cats receive. Cats are naturally independent creatures.  Sometimes owners can misinterpret this independence as an ability to care for themselves.  Therefore, cats may not receive the same regular wellness exams or preventative care as their dog counterparts. Unfortunately, this is a common misconception, and bringing your cat in for their wellness exams can help them to live a longer and healthier life.

Cats, just like dogs should have a physical exam at least annually. Your vet can detect many problems that may not be apparent to you just by their everyday behaviors. Regular checkups can reveal problems with your feline’s teeth, heart, lungs, abdominal organs and more just from a physical examination. Even just evaluating how your cat’s weight changes on a routine basis can provide us with clues to some diseases before they manifest fully.

What about indoor cats? Although they are not outside with bugs and germs, they absolutely still need preventative care. Many infectious diseases can be spread just through contact by humans or other pets. They should still receive vaccinations for certain diseases. Indoor cats are also susceptible to heartworm disease and should be on heartworm prevention year-round just like their dog friends. Having blood testing performed on a regular basis is also important as we can identify many diseases that they may not be showing signs of, often in time to intervene early and keep them feeling well!

We all love our cats, so even though they may act invincible, you can take steps to keep them as healthy as possible with regular care from your vet!

Andrea Gilstrap, DVM