Creative Pet Photography Ideas

Apr 22, 2020

Since we’re all spending a lot more time at home, you’re probably trying to think of things to keep you occupied. In my last blog we talked about some tips for getting the best photos of your pets and here I’ll give you some ideas for some fun and creative projects you can try at home during your quarantine!

1. Unique lighting: You can use Christmas lights or other similar string lights to make a really neat effect. If your pet will allow, try to lay the lights around them. Makes sure your point of focus is always on your pet, not the light source. For a very neat “light ray” effect try holding up the string towards you in the hand you are not holding the camera with. If you have a camera that allows you to set the aperture, set it wider (a lower number) which will give you a shallow depth of field and make your lights appear like orbs. Other fun options for unique lighting include neon lights, strobe lights, or projector lights. You can create unique shapes/colors using night lights or other projections.

2. Flowers: It’s a perfect time of year for creating the perfect background for your photo using what you already have in your backyard. You can position your pet in front of a colorful flower bed or bush to create the perfect surroundings for a photo. If you have fake flowers hanging around you can also use these to create an indoor floral setting. Consider having your pet sit or lay down so you can arrange them around them. 

3. Sheets for backdrop: If you have a solid color sheet or blanket laying around you can create professional looking “headshots” of your pets. You can hang it on a wall or railing etc. and place your pet in front of them. You’ll want to make sure your lighting source is facing towards the backdrop, not coming from behind. Also, be sure you are close up enough that you can’t see the edges of the backdrop. You can also create more playful backgrounds using a patterned sheet, or even some wrapping paper you have laying around!

4. Clothes: There’s nothing more fun than seeing your pet in cute outfits. If you have an adorable sweater, bowtie or other pet fashion statement, now is the time for them to show it off. Be sure to include your pet’s full body and not cut off their limbs in your photo.

5. Rainbow effect: You’ll need to wait for a sunny day to try out this one, but you can use reflective objects such as an old CD, suncatcher or prism to create a rainbow effect. You’ll need to find a beam of sunlight in your home and place the object in the light so that it causes a rainbow reflection. You can create some unique portraits by shining the rainbow on the side of your pet’s face or body.

Hopefully these ideas give you some fun things to try at home!

Dr. Andrea Gilstrap