Beware of Heartworms!

Sep 03, 2019

The seasons are getting ready to change.  With the weather changing from extremely hot to more cool, we are all going to want to spend more time outdoors with our fur babies. Even with these much cooler months coming, it is important to remember that our pets still need their heartworm  preventative year round. It is important to remember that it only takes one mosquito bite to transmit heartworms. Just because your pet is indoors, does not mean your beloved fur baby is not at risk.  The best thing that you as an owner can do is provide your pet with year round heartworm prevention.  The following heartworm prevention is carried at Hillcrest Animal Hospital:

Proheart 12
Yay, this is finally an injection that lasts a whole year! No need to worry about a missed dose anymore.  Now, the convenience of protecting your dog can be scheduled with their yearly examination.  It can be given to dogs 12 months or older.  (If switching to the Proheart 12 from another preventative, a heartworm test must be performed and repeated 6 months into treatment.)
Proheart 6
This is an injection that can be given to dogs as early as 6 months of age, but will be required twice a year in comparison to Proheart 12.
Heartgard for Dogs
A chewable heartworm preventative that must be given to your dog once a month.
Revolution Plus for Cats
This is a topical medication used once a month for your cat.

It is important to discuss with your veterinarian what will be the best prevention for your pet.  If the course of prevention is not what is normally carried at Hillcrest Animal Hospital, we have other options to choose from on our online pharmacy .  Remember, that it is a lot cheaper to prevent heartworms than it is to treat it.

Dr. Ashlie Hill